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UN Church Fellowship


United Nations International Church Fellowship (UNICF) is an affiliation of churches of like precious faith with the headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia under the leadership of Bishop Orrin K. Pullings Sr.  We are a structured and biblically based ministry who will give support to Senior Pastors in need of spiritual covering.  The fellowship will combine spiritual formation and practical education for Senior Pastors.

UNICF operating year runs from January to December, with our convocation being one of the highlights of our fellowship.  The annual convocation takes place in April and is held at The United Nations Church Int’l Cathedral in Richmond, Va.  The primary purpose of this convocation is to fellowship with other pastors, ministers,  and congregations of the same precious faith to be ministered to from God’s Word.


Pastors are called to a lifetime ministry of service, Word, sacrament, and leadership.  We believe that Pastors need a person that will pour back into them and a place where they can be replenished and strengthened.  Bishop Orrin K. Pullings Sr. will provide fellowship, leadership, and spiritual covering for Senior Pastors. This organization is designed to establish covenant relationships and to meet the spiritual needs of Senior Pastors by providing mentorship, training and empowerment. He is here to equip, inspire, enlighten, strengthen, and encourage you to fulfill your God given vision and purpose.  Bishop Orrin K. Pullings Sr. along with the fellowship are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your church family.

What are the advantages of becoming affiliated with United Nations International Church Fellowship ?

  1. You will be part of a growing ministry with a worldwide presence.

    Fellowship among other Pastors is powerful and empowering. The unity of coming together with others and sharing experiences is enlightening and educating. Through our fellowship you develop friendship and a camaraderie that is lasting.  Pastors are encouraged and strengthen by the power of unity given through the fellowship by the other Pastors.

  2. As a ministry covering, we will provide directives and guidance, which will assist you in many aspects of your ministry’s growth.

    Every Pastor should have someone with experience in pastoring with a reputable ministry and good character that they could go to for advice and counseling.

  3. As an independent church, you will be able to continue to use your present ministry name, and function as before in many ways. Some ministries may decide to change the name of the ministry (such as: United Nations Church Atlanta; and United Nations Church New York).

  4. Annual Convocation, Leadership Seminars and Retreat

    The Annual Convocation is the networking of all Pastors and their congregation of the fellowship will meet for worship and praise, empowerment seminars, training workshops given by educated, and renowned word based Ministers of the Gospel.

  5. A resource of information, education, and direction.

  6. UNICF will exercise no ecclesiastical or administrative control over any of its member ministries unless authorized by the Senior Pastor.

Bishop Orrin K. Pullings Sr.  will share his own experiences as well as provide opportunities for fellowship and growth with others of like precious faith from all parts of the world.